Course Modules

Standard Modules

  • 1. The B&B Lifestyle

    So, you want to start a Bed & Breakfast! WHY? This is possibly the most important question you will ask yourself as your journey in the B&B industry begins.

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  • 2. Market Considerations

    Before you decide where you buy, what you are going to buy, or what renovations you will need to convert your existing property, you must know if the market can support your venture.

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  • 3. Property Considerations

    This module deals with important property issues that you will need to understand before you View Contents your B&B. Should you buy, build or renovate is one of the topics covered.

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  • 4. Business Fundamentals

    No matter what the financial or personal expectations for your new venture, running a business is about succeeding in the fundamentals of business.

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  • 5. Management Principles and B&B Policies

    Creating a picture perfect guest room is important, however, managing your day to day business is vital to your success.

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  • 6. B&B Marketing

    Develop a marketing plan that is aimed at your target customer and fits your financial situation.

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  • 7. Business Financials

    Financial management is one of the building blocks for a successful business, and understanding your financial position will be an essential part of running a B&B.

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  • 8. B&B Operations & Food

    This module is all about helping you understand the day-to-day tasks you will face and how to work effectively and efficiently.

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  • 9. Customer Relationship Management

    This module focusses on your relationship with your guests and how to ensure all the dealings you have with them are consistent and special.

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Advanced Modules

All advanced modules are include in your enrolment fee.
There are no extra costs.

  • B&B Health-Check

    This modules deals with the state of your B&B lifestyle and business. It asks the hard and important questions.

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  • Feasibility Study

    The Feasibility Study is a comprehensive series of questions and calculations that will determine if your business idea is feasible, in other words... "will my idea work?".

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  • Business Plan

    While a business plan can be seen simply as a management tool to help your business survive and grow, it also provides you as a B&B operator with a surprising array of benefits.

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  • Operations Manual

    Putting the effort into creating a good operations manual can add a lot of value to your business, not only on a day-to-day basis, but also from an investment perspective.

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