Advanced Module

Business Plan

Understand the fundamentals of running a B&B business.


  • Why have a Business Plan?
  • Business Plan
  • Cover Sheet
  • Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Professional Support
  • Business Profile
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Objectives and Goals
  • Key Strategies
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Operations Plan
  • Future Direction and Exit Strategies
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary
The Executive Summary is considered one of the most vital parts of your business plan as it provides the reader with an overview of your whole plan. Unless you get your executive summary right, your target readers will not want to proceed any further. The executive summary is your plan in miniature. Its contents depend upon the goal of your plan, i.e. to attract potential investment, to support a loan facility or maybe it is simply the internal control you want for your operation, or perhaps support for a tender proposal you are submitting.